The Institute of Geophysics and Problems of the Earth Limited was created at the middle of 2005. It has united some groups of scientists and some companies which long time have been engaged in different kinds of scientific activity.

The Institute is an innovative company oriented in its work towards up-to-date high-end technology in the field of utilization of natural resources and alternative energy.

In the field of geophysics the Institute develops, tests and accepts for work an innovative technology of search of minerals - ┬źDEEP VISION┬╗.

The principle of a nuclear magnetic resonance is the basis of the technology. Unlike traditional geophysics, thanks to a resonance we "see" underground not geological anomalies, but real mineral deposits. As a result we quickly and precisely carry out prospecting of deposits as well as their detailed survey in the most difficult territories.

The technology is developed and patented in Ukraine, approved by the National academy of Sciences of Ukraine.

In 2009 the technology has been tested in the State of Utah (USA) with difficult geological structure where it has fully confirmed high indicators of efficiency.

Director of IGPE Oleksandr Tarnovskyi