Deep Vision” is innovative AI-driven geophysical technology which enables one to find all kind of mineral deposits first remotely by the utilization of analog satellite images. Further detailed investigation of found mineral of interest is carried out on-site by means of special high-tech compact mobile equipment developed by us.


Save time

Typical remote search takes nearly 2 months. This is much faster in comparison with any other technology.


Probability of discovery of a new deposit by means of Deep Vision is higher than 90%.

Save money

You can reduce a few times your expenses for search and survey using "Deep Vision" technology

Find the answers you need

We are scientist, geophysicists, geologists, engineers and innovators

A commitment to innovation and excellence

It’s better to do one thing extremely well

To create significant profit for each our client and grow together

What can we do?

Based on “Deep Vision” technology, we can provide following services:

Competitive pricing. Great results.

Fast remote scaning

Detailed remote scanning

Remote + On-site investigation

Project for water search in Ethiopia desert:
"...Based on results a water well was drilled, with a water flow rate of 100 litres in a second"
Farhad Abasov
CEO, Allana Potash
Project for oil deposit search in Texas:
"...has provided us with valuable and accurate information, that enable us to drill in designated area..."