Our team was formed in the middle of 2005. We united groups of scientists and companies which devoted a long time in different kinds of scientific activity. Therefore, as innovators, we are oriented toward up-to-date modern technologies in the field of search and survey of natural resources.

Based on strong scientific background and innovative approach, our team developed, tested and now utilizes the innovative technology for the search of the different type of mineral deposits that is called «DEEP VISION». Due to using a super weak nuclear magnetic «resonance», we are able “to see” underground or underwater all type of minerals. As a result, we are able to carry out prospecting of any mineral deposits (oil, gas, water, gold, lead, zinc etc.) quickly and precisely. Moreover, we can manage deposits detailed survey even in the most difficult territories. From the early begining we started to utilize machine learning and AI for determination of mineral presence, anomalies description, expedition data processing.

“Deep Vision” was developed and patented in Ukraine, approved by the National academy of Sciences of Ukraine and by our numerous clients.

«Deep Vision» technology has been publicly tested in the State of Utah (USA) for oil and gas search within the difficult geological structure. As the final result, the existence of deposits was fully confirmed with high indicators of efficiency.