Innovative geophysical technology “Deep Vision” was developed on the base of deep scientific investigations of the USSR. The uniqueness of our technology is the complex approach comprising remote investigation and on-site prospecting. Using satellite photos, we can conduct a search for gold deposits quickly and precisely. After that, using our mobile equipment, we are able to define precise contours of the deposit, precise depth of its bedding and create 3D-shape of the deposit’s body. If you are interested to learn more about “Deep Vision”, please, click here.

Below we want to show some examples of our works for the gold search and survey.

The gold search is more difficult from the oil, gas and water search because the deposit’s body is relatively small and, as usual, have a lot of breaks, shifts and turns underground. So, for detailed determination of the deposit’s body, we are obliged to do more measurement.

Below you can see the results of a remote search for one of our project.

For obtainment of reliable results, we are doing a lot of iteration and statistical treatment. So, at the picture above, we obtained spots as a prediction of an anomaly for the future on-site investigation. Here we found some trick, which allows us to calculate the preliminary depth of bedding. Using few images, we obtained different results of placement the found spots. Having deviation, the angle of shooting and distance to the surface for each image, we are able to calculate preliminary depth. Of cause, it must be proved by the on-site investigation, but the Customer can have a preliminary estimation of bedding depth.

The on-site investigation can be divided into two different directions. The first direction is border check and update. and the second direction is the depth survey and analyze.


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After the border check, we obtain the following maps.

Depending on the expedition’s goal, we can investigate all found anomalies or only the best sounding anomalies. The price of work at this stage depends on the quantity, size of anomalies and other factors.

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The idea of point investigation is shown in the next picture.

After the point investigation, we obtained columns with the following data.

We hope that our explanation will help you better understand the principle of gold prospecting and the practical implementation of our technology.

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