«DEEP VISION» public testing in the Utah State, USA

“Deep vision” team has conducted a practical test of innovative geophysical technology in the state of Utah, USA, from 23rd to 27th February 2009. The specification statement of the testing has resulted in the document «Procedure». The results of the demonstration of technology «Deep Vision» were recorded in the document “FINAL REPORT оn Presentation-Demonstration of «Deep Vision» Model”.

The following persons took part in the presentation-demonstration of the «Deep Vision»:
  • Kelly Alvey, official opponent, who presented data of inspected objects;
  • The representatives from Deep Vision (three experts with a complete set of the field equipment);
  • John H. McBride, professor of geology at the Bringham Young University (BYU) University of the Utah State,
  • R. William Keach II, a professor at «BYU» University of the Utah State,
  • Phillip Babcock, representative of Governmental Department of water resources of the Utah State,
  • Jeffrey Bahr, representative of «MVA» oil producing company,
  • Jeffrey Chivers, representative of the oil producing company,
  • R.E. «Rusty» Butler, president of «UTAH Consular Corp.», doctor of physics,
  • E. Goryunova, vice-president of the Commercial and Industrial Chamber, Salt Lake City – an arbiter of the testing,
  • Rex W. Hardy, lawyer, and also other specialists and representatives of the press.

5th previously unknown underground objects (deposits of oil/gas or empty wells) were consecutively inspected directly on the locality by experts of the Deep Vision. These objects were located under drill holes and oil-producing equipment. Control objects were situated on territory the total area of which had more than 3 thousand sq. km.

As a result of the survey, we had detected the following control indices: the presence of oil and gas deposits, amount of horizons in them, occurrence depths of horizons and their thickness. Information obtained by us during the survey, was recorded and presented to the members of the commission and officially compared with information of the arbiter. Comparison of the information has shown almost 100 % match of the results of the survey, conducted with the help of the «Deep Vision» technology and drilling results(the information is recorded in the progress reports: Report 0Report 1Report 9.1Report 9.2 and FINAL REPORT).

An exception was only the information on the 2nd horizon of the fifth object where the divergence of information made only 1.5 % at occurrence depth more than 9500 feet. Thus, practical demonstration of possibilities of the «Deep Vision» technology on the real objects has shown its extraordinarily high efficiency (within the limits of 98 % – 100%) and high operationability of work.

Oil search project in Texas, USA

In May 2010, we conducted a search and survey of hydrocarbon deposit in USA, Texas, McMullen County. This work was done on the order of German investment fund «Energy capital invest» (Stuttgart, Germany). Customer gained the right of lease of some area and had some doubts concerning the data which was given by the local geological company. We had a task to find suitable for commercial use deposits of shale gas, natural gas or oil. On the Customer’s territory was revealed deposits of shale gas, natural gas, and oil. Customer conducted drilling of two horizontal wells.

In accordance with Customer’s data, both wells are productive. The customer gave to us a reference about conducted work.

On the page below you can see reference and news from the website of the «Energy capital invest» company (http://www.energy-capital-invest.de/).

Water search project in Ethiopia

On order of Allana Potash company search of water was conducted by Deep Vision at September 2010. 2 deposits were found with the total area near 10,5 sq.km. (2 horizons, depth of 1st 36 – 70 m., 2nd 140-190 m.). Drilling was conducted. The customer gave us a reference for this work.